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The Independent Difference

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Party Candidates


Bill will prioritize legislation that ends partisan politics


The parties prioritize legislation that satisfies their base

Bill will speak with all voters about all issues


Party candidates speak to their party members on approved talking points

Bill is on the ballot thanks to  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents


Party candidates are put on the ballot by party bosses 


I've lived in PA for most of my adult life and shaped my happiest memories in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Drexel Hill, Newtown (Bucks County) and Swarthmore.  My wife Jen and I are proud to be raising our two teens here. I studied Chemical Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University and then biology at  the University of Pennsylvania. After that I was a career scientist in molecular biology and drug safety where I studied new treatments for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, and lupus. Pennsylvania provided great opportunities for me and I want to help others have a great future here too.

I've always made a commitment to community service.  As a Peace Corps volunteer I spent two years teaching high school chemistry and physics in West Africa. I served five years as a volunteer school board member of Pennsylvania’s 12th largest school district (Council Rock). My Delco community gave me other chances too: as a volunteer with Swarthmore Borough analyzing contracts,  with Swarthmore Boyscouts to help meet first aid travel requirements, and with the Delaware County Citizen Corps to help in our COVID-over stressed hospitals and  vaccination clinics. Currently I am volunteering to help us discuss and fix our broken political system.


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