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“Pennsylvanians can work together better with less partisanship. Endless party stonewalling and maneuvering  prevents progress and turns us all off. Adding ranked-choice voting to our elections will make it easier for moderate, non-partisan views to prevail.”

Bill will work to bring ranked-choice voting to Pennsylvania's elections and give moderate voters a voice. Bill will work for rules to reduce the partisanship in subcommittees that all too often kills progress.

“I've taught in an impoverished school with no textbooks, equipment, or supplies, and I've also been a school board member in one of the largest and wealthiest school districts in Pennsylvania. I know that good education is about teachers and students, but our school leaders, our school boards and superintendents, are often overwhelmed and inaccessible. We need legislation that helps school leaders have more time for the classroom and less on bureaucracy."

Public education is our largest government expenditure in Pennsylvania. But political party positions are at the extremes:  from defunding public schools to favoring unlimited spending with no questions asked. Bill believes we all suffer with this immature partisan bickering. We need to focus on what matters most, great education by teachers in the classroom.

“I worry that my wife and daughter may lose their right to make their own medical decisions and have less options in their careers.”


To fully support women, choice must be protected and progress must be made on equal pay and childcare. As a legislator Bill will work with anyone in any party that wants to help Pennsylvania women have more opportunities, support, and equality.

“When the PA legislature divides up government work to make it manageable,  sometimes the pieces don’t work well together.  When we see these kinds of problems, we can fix them. As a legislator, I will always be thinking about how to make things better. I'm a worker, not a show boater.”

While talking with Delco residents Bill heard great ideas about getting our government to work better. Delco residents are smart and informed and Bill will take their ideas to Harrisburg.

“Sectors of the global supply chain are coming back to the U.S. PA needs to capitalize on this shift by modernizing our transportation and energy infrastructure. Along with entirely new growth, Southeast PA will continue to be a growing center of biomedical research, medicine, and education.”


In the legislature, Bill will work to bring jobs to South East Pennsylvania, in the trades, teaching, policing, health care, and construction. Bill will also work to make sure that all the residents of our area can benefit. Bill believes de-globalization is an exciting opportunity for us, and we need to be smart about pursuing it.

“Technology is critical for keeping children connected to their parents and peers, but parents need to know that their children are safe online.”

Bill will work for legislation to protect our kids from data mining, identity theft, access to mail order drugs and weapons, and child predators.

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