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In the legislature, Bill will work to bring jobs to South East Pennsylvania.

Along with the positives of more jobs and higher pay, Bill will work to make sure retired Pennsylvanians and our small business owners and their employees don't get left out.

Jobs in our region will definitely be benefiting from de-globalization, infrastructure spending, and our strength in health care and education, but Bill also wants to make sure that along with these great opportunities,  retired Pennsylvanians, small business owners and their employees, and minimum wage employees don't get left out.  If all of our prices and taxes rise because of a boom in our area, we must adjust the tax and wage rules in our state to make sure people are not left behind.

A priority for Bill is Pennsylvania jobs that  bring our commonwealth together. A sustainable future in Pennsylvania means closer connection between consumption in our cities and production in factories, farms, and greenhouses near by.

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