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We Can Reduce Partisanship

In addition to working to increase the power of moderate voters with ranked-choice voting, Bill wants to work for new rules that will turn down the partisanship in the committees where laws start.

While working to get on the ballot as an Independent, Bill heard from Harrisburg insiders that committees can be so partisan  that their meeting agendas are not shared with members of the other party ahead of time. It's impossible to  be prepared to work on complex laws when you don’t know what the meeting is about. Bill will work for legislation that requires committees to create their agendas in public well before their meetings.


Few laws that are worked on by legislators ever go anywhere in Harrisburg. Whether it’s making redistricting less partisan, having gun background checks at gun shows, or making it easier for citizens to create their own utility cooperatives, good legislation favored by a majority of us sits frozen in committees by hyper-partisan committee chairs. The power of partisan committee chairs can be less with rules that require committee members and chairs be selected independently of party.

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