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Women's Equality

Bill believes women should make their own very personal healthcare and family decisions without Pennsylvania trying to decide for them. Whether to have a child or continue a pregnancy that could harm their health is their decision, not Pennsylvania's. 


Pennsylvanians had for decades a thoughtful, balanced law protecting access to an abortion until viability and protecting the mother's health after viability. Until this year, our “Casey” standard was the law of the land and I’ll fight to keep it.

Bill also believes that equality for women in Pennsylvania is still far from certain. Women are still paid less on average than men, and far fewer women are in leadership positions even in careers where women are the majority participants, like in public education and health care. There is not enough help with child care or family leave. Women are still pushed out of employment when they become pregnant, and still drop out of employment or education while caring for others. 

Bill thinks we need to do better for women in Pennsylvania by making sure they are certain they control their personal health and family care decisions and they are certain  there will be help for them when they care for others.

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