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I am running for PA State Representative as an Independent to fight partisanship and help us work together for a better future.  Major political parties create division and focus on their fund raising. They ignore pressing problems that need us to work together for the best solutions, like improving our hospitals, schools, environment, and our Pennsylvania economy.


I’m running as an independent for PA House to ensure that holding elected office is about responding to voters rather than responding to big donors.


Let's reject partisanship and make our democracy work for us.


If you want to feel good about the future of our country, get out and talk with your neighbors about their priorities and concerns. This summer I spoke with hundreds of Delco residents while I asked if they would sign for me to be an Independent candidate on the ballot. I met diverse and caring citizens. I spoke to everyone, regardless of party, and I got inspired.

What inspired me? I met people of all ages, occupations, and party affiliations. I heard the frustrations people are feeling about partisan divisiveness. Delco wants our elected officials to work together for our communities. They want their representatives to represent them.


The party system attacks our ability to choose a candidate that will represent most of us. In these partisan times, a moderate candidate like me is never put on the ballot by party leaders. The parties create and capitalize on our  divisions  - It’s as if they value campaign donations and election victories more than our welfare. I know that we are better than that. We value our neighbors and want to work together to improve our communities.

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